End Task.

Hello everyone,

As many of you know, Sleepy-Time DSP has been a major hobby of mine over the past few years. Through this hobby, I’ve been privileged enough to take part in development competitions, been featured in magazines and countless blogs around the world, and even had the opportunity to freelance with a major producer on some custom projects.You have all been fantastically supportive while I grew as a developer and experimented with some pretty crazy DSP ideas.

Which brings me to my next announcement:

As of today, Sleepy-Time DSP is officially closed. It may not be forever, but it will be for quite a while. You’ve all been absolutely great and kind and encouraging and I appreciate every single one of you who has used, downloaded, visited the site, told your friends, and even those of you who were never interested to begin with. Thank you for an amazing 3 years of audio effects development, and 8 years of playing, recording, mixing, releasing, promoting, and everything else musically related.

All software is still available, but is no longer supported. I’ll do my best to keep it online. If anyone would like to mirror the Sleepy-Time DSP plugins, please contact me at dustin at sleepytimedsp dot com.

Thank you and take care,
Dustin Ralston
Sleepy-Time DSP